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 3.0 CSL (i) 2275488

     Three photos below:  September 2013, Spanish car show in Oviedo, Spain
BMW 30 csl 2275488 or 2275490
BMW 30 csl 2275488 or 2275490
BMW 30 csl 2275488 or 2275490
Title: TF 1508 E
Outside color: Chamonix (085)
History: The car was sold in 1975 in Tenerife , without any wings and stream, and with the original CSI's seats, as far as the buyer didn't like those 'striking' extras and so unconfortable seats. In 2010, the car is, in good hands, 250 km away from Madrid, and when the new owner bought it, got in touch with the Canarian dealer and, incredibly, Ąthe original wings and seats were still there! In 2007, the car is located in Sierra Leon (North West of Madrid, Spain).
  • Titled in 1975 to a politician
  • Delivered: August 20th 1973 to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Production: July 18th 1973
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