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1973 3.0CSiL 2275443
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BMW 30 csl 2275443

BMW 30 csl 2275443

BMW 30 csl 2275443


Title: M-4764-BV
Model code: 3451
Exterior color (paint code): Polaris metallic (060)
History: produced on July 18th 1973 and delivered to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to the BMW dealer, Walter Sauermann. This car was never titled with an Spanish license plate, and received a touristic one (in Spain cars receives a license plate number that remains until the car desapear) This 'Bat' was sold as a used car in the eighties, to UK.
Transaction: 45,000 bpd
Owners option 1:
  1. Delivery:  Walter Sauermann, the BMW dealer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).
  2. Production date:  July 18th 1973


Owners option 2::

  1. Titled: 24/02/1977 in Spain
  2. Delivery: likely not in Spain  
  3. Production date:  July 18th 1973


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