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30 CSL owned by celebrities


Celebrity Vin Observation
Chris Amon 2285056 Race pilot
Colin Chapman Not found yet actually not THAT Colin Chapman
Jeremy Clarkson Not found yet Top Gear. May never have owned the car
Sean Connery 2285130 Actor
Victor Gauntlett 2285198 Petrochemical entrepreneur
Jay Kay from Jamiroquai BMW 30 CSL Singer
Jay Kay from Jamiroquai BMW 30 CSL  
Malcolm McDowell 2275039 English actor
Neville Hay 2285310  
Uli Hoeness Not found yet Bat S 3; ex president Bayern Munich
Sepp Meyer Not found yet Serie 2; German football player
George Michael Not found yet RHD; English singer
Jochen Neerspach Not found yet Bat; Head of Ford Racing team
Ronny Peterson Not found yet Bat
Prince of Lichtenstein BMW CSL Alpina serie 2 Alpina
Eric Stewart 2285164 Singer
Eric Stewart Second Verona CSL Singer
Hans-Joachim Stuck 4355031 Bat Serie 3
Christian Neureuther 4355031 West German Olympic ski
Jerry Lee Lewis 4355031 Rock singer
Top Gear 2275457 Driven by Richard Hammond
Top Gear - Jeremy Clarkson   Rumor about owning a CSL. May be the above car, or just an interst for the CSL.


In this clip Jeremy Clarkson of TopGear states that he used to own a CSL. In another TopGear show he spoke about owning the 3.2l version, i.e. a real Bat.
The CSL in this program is not a Bat however as it is a RHD.

The section with the original CSL starts around 5 min 40 sec.



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