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Company name and locations:
1921-1937 Sté Nouvelle pour l'Automobile Amilcar, St.Denis
1937-1939 Sté Financière pour l'Automobile, Bologne-sur-Seine


Of all the sports cars that were born in France after the First World War, Amilcar was the most famous and the one that won the most popular. His name is an anagram of MM. Lamy and Akar who launched the brand.

After its debut in Paris, the firm moved quickly Amilcar in large premises in Saint-Denis, where she remained until the end of its activities.

The company, located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, will specialize in producing cyclecars,

This approach helps to democratize the automobile, which was before the war for the rich or a few insiders.

A new tax rules had to appear for cyclecars have a capacity of less than 1100 cm3 and weigh less than 350 kg.

In this context came the first Amilcar, type CC.

 Unlike other cars that were based cycle technology motorcyclists, there was a reduction in car chassis with conventional 4-cylinder engine side (903 cm3), box 3 speed and suspension quarter-elliptical springs stronger and more homogeneous.

His success came from its weight and power advantages that enabled it to reach 100 km / h, and the many victories in competition, which earned him a clientele of young athletes.

 When the global economic crisis erupted in October 1929, Amilcar known problems like many other brands. The races have cost dearly, and the company heavily in debt is finally put into liquidation in 1935. Emile Akar and Joseph Lamy were forced to resign.

 Amilcar is acquired by the firm Hotchkiss, who introduced the new Amilcar Compound in 1937 and received an excellent reception, with its sporty seduces the public.

 Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939 put an end to his career prematurely that seemed promising. . After the Liberation, the Hotchkiss company will not manufacture the compound, indicating the end of history Amilcar. This will let the brand image of its cycle fabulous cars.


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